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Markus Markowski - git, electronics
Hannes Clauss - drums, percussion
Reinhart Hammerschmidt - doublebass

The trio MACH make use of all contemporary styles, put them through the meat grinder and enhance this with emphatic free-forms, performed live with playful and humorous qualities. The collective delight of quick as a flash reconstructing of musical and non-musical material plays a not too unimportant rhole hereby.

For further informations visit: MACH



KLANK is a music/performance ensemble based in Bremen, Germany. Founded by improvisers Reinhart Hammerschmidt and Hainer Wörmann, sound-performer Tim Schomacker and composer / instrumentalist Christoph Ogiermann in 2008, KLANK's sonic universe combines various musical experiences, influences and approaches. In 2014 KLANK was extended to a quintet by multisound and guitar player Markus Markowski.

For further informations visit: http://www.klank.cc/


Recent Projects:


Organic Jazz

... on FRANKS FARM also improvised and composed music is played by dietmar paetsch (doublebass, e-git, e-bass, electronics), sergey chutkow (drums), markus markowski (e-git, e-bass, doshpulur, software instruments). the farm workers usually get help by other musicians. founded in 2009 FRANKS FARM started in 2011 to play music that moves in between their roots from jazz to indierock, funk to minimal, North african lute sounds to modern fusion and nu-jazz grooves.

to reap the harvest the Farm got helped by christof knoche (sax), yassem (voc), ingo bohne (ngoni, djembe, percussion), ralph keller (congas, sax), uli sobotta (euphonium), and andrea roessler (keyboard)...



The MIB ENSEMBLE is cast as a big band by musicians of the jazzmusic scene around Bremen (GER).

Eckhard Petri - saxophon
Ralf Benesch - saxophon
Edwin Bohlmann - saxophon/flute
Joern Vrampe - saxophon
Joerg Riedel - saxophon
Wolf Freise - trombone
John Ihle - trumpet
Ilka Siedenburg - sax/bsclarinet
markowski - git
Jens Schoewing - keyboards
Guenther Spaeth - doublebass
Michi Schmidt - percussion
Gerd Seemann - percussion
Toni Danner - drums



Mizuki Wildenhahn - Dance
Uli Sobotta - Euphonium, Plesshorn, things
Markus Markowski - prep. Git, perkussions, live electronics



improvised spaciousness

ludger hennig - software instruments, microfons, saftpressen, 18-inch-speaker-cocktail-shakers
markowski - guitars, electronics, remote drums, instant percussions



Ludger Hennig (Leipzig, GER) - software instruments, Christof Knoche (New York, USA) - bass clarinet, live electronics, markowski (Bremen, GER) - prepared guitar, software instruments

"[...] the "present" constitutes the distributed musical material, in which the "new" implies the "past", with which the "yet to come" has to have a mutual background with [...]"

HKM+ is an ensemble for electroacoustic improvisation which consists of ludger hennig - software instruments, christof knoche - bass clarinet / electronics and markus markowski - prepared guitar/ software instruments. originally formed as a trio, the ensemble extends its line-up by guest musicians to allways renew its musical language expressed in the ensembles name by a +/plus. the ensemble extends musical improvisation with electroacoustic instruments that are connected to a network based on audiosignals and network communication. the aim of this project is to create transient- and spatial situations in this musical network through improvised musical articulation.

the musical material of each of the performers is distributed to each of the clients of the improvisation network. the transformation of the sounds is realized by self-programmed electroacoustic instruments. an electroacoustic language arises in which the musical vocabulary and musical gesture is affected, influenced, and manipulated by each of the participating soloists. for concerts, the ensemble is positioned in the middle of the space. a multiple loudspeaker setup is positioned around the ensemble or arranged acousmatically within the space. by spatialisation of the sounds through multiple loudspeaker configurations, each soloist is enabled to use different methods to project the sounds into the space. spatialisation becomes part of musical improvisation & improvised spaciousness.

HKM+ played in New York at NUBLU supported by the Butch Morris Orchestra or at ISSUE PROJECT ROOM, in Berlin (misc.), Lodz (Philharmony A. Rubinstein), Sidney, Geneve, Lausanne, Bremen ...

As the +/plus the ensemble was completed by artists as Kirk Knuffke, Kenny Wollesen, Miles Okazaki, Geoff Gersh, Cyril Bondy, Dincise, Christian Weber, Hannes Clauss, Robert Rehnig ...

foto by josef horbik at Philharmony Lodz (PL)


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